Sensify‘s products are great for illuminating any space.

Whether you are looking for a cool way to advertise, help children learn, a great therapeutic tool, light up a dull space, or just enjoy making giant colorful light art – Sensify has the perfect model for you.

Sensify works with everyone to customize the perfect giant light wall for any age group or setting. Our materials allow for easy transportation, wall mounting, and our strong durable frames allow the perfect base for any age group.

Sensifys products are directly designed to help treat and develop 4 major cognitive skills amongst children.

Sensory Motor skills

Helping to aid in developing fine gross motor skills, language development, better cognitive growth, develops socialization skills, and helps children to learn more problem-solving skills.

Attention skills

Help children to stay engaged in learning, develop confidence, and help them to achieve academic success.

Visual skills

Improve reading comprehension, expand the imagination, and gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts.

Social emotional skills

Help children to make friends better, learn sharing, learning to regulate emotions, manage conflict, reduce negative social behaviors, and create a positive classroom setting.

Interactive Light Walls

Our fun interchangeable colorful, transparent light rods, allow everyone to create art while engaging in therapeutic uses through LED lights illuminated in the back through fun interchangeable multi colored transparent light rods.

Sensify can create customizable sizes and bases. Our 4 most popular sizes are below.

Ask us about our educational discounts.
Sensify offers 20% Discounts for educational institutions, and pediatric wards and orders within approximately a 250-mile radius of Scranton/wilkes-Barre area of Pennsylvania.  Sensify can create customizable sizes and bases. Our 4 most popular sizes are below.


4ft by 8ft - 1800 Holes


700 transparent light rods
100 of each of 7 colors


4ft by 6ft - 1600 Holes


500 colored transparent light rods
75 of each of 7 colors


4ft by 4ft - 900 Holes


350 light rods
50 of each of 7 colors


32 in by 32 in - 225 Holes


175 colored light rods
25 of each of 7 colors