• Height: 4ft / Width: 8ft / Depth: 8in
  • 1800 holes
  • Includes 700 transparent light rods (7 colors, 100 each)
  • Handles for easy transportation.
  • Wall mounting brackets.
  • Black extension cord with ON/OFF switch.
  • The product’s standard color is black, however other colors can be specially ordered for an additional charge such as white, Grey, green, yellow, and blue if desired.


Standard base for Entertainment community and showcasing is 28-inch height and 32-inch width. This base allows for the Entertainment community to fold and collapse the base of the structure for easy transportation. (Sizes of this base are 4 feet by 8 foot and 4 feet by 6 foot) Customizable bases are always encouraged for additional fee.

Other bases styles suitable for children are the length of the product and detach from the sides allowing different age groups to play using all holes, The base is 1 foot height and includes cubby holes for the transparent pegs.  Base of products can be attached to bottoms or sides if desired.

All products come with an easily removable back source for the linkable LED tube lights 72 watts that are energy efficient and extremely bright and long lasting. LED lights come with a 2-year warranty and if one ever where to burn out the customer can always be sent a new one for no cost.


The product is made from environmentally friendly nontoxic lightweight plastic materials such as (PVC) and white acrylic, making Sensify products durable while still being extremely light weight for easy transportation. Our materials will never crack or warp and make wall mounting and transportation easy.


Our long-lasting bright LED linkable tube lights are 72 Wat, easily changeable, bright, long lasting, energy efficient, and interchangeable.


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